0 How to Kiss a Girl

How to Kiss a Girl
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Generally boys wants to kiss girl but it's not easy, because of if you directly ask the girl to kiss her she will say Don't do/No. It has a systematic way to impress the girl towards the kissing.To impress the girl for kissing, it have some simple steps are . . .
How to Kiss a Girl

1. Don't Ask Directly Her:

Don't ask her directly about kissing. You just impress her and get her into the kiss mood by your attitude.
How to Kiss a Girl

2. Interact With Her:

Just simply receive her with respectively and interact with her by talking & body language.By these she will feels about your attitude and character to understands you. In these way, you observe her what she is thinking about you exactly. If she feels about you good and lovely then you start for moving towards kissing.
How to Kiss a Girl


3. Get Her in the Mood:

Go ahead and put your arm around her. Pull her close and snuggle her. Not only does this begin to get her in the mood for a kiss, it makes it easier for you to lean into her for the kiss, and it is a good way to break the touch barrier if it hasn't already been broken. You will know when she is in the mood if she snuggles you back, scoots closer, or flirts with you in any other way.
How to Kiss a Girl

4. Prepare For the Kissing:

Prepare for kissing her by sitting near to her. Keep looking into her eyes and get mood to her. Take her head in your hand. Breath slowly. Just moisture your lips with your tongue.
How to Kiss a Girl



5. Kiss Her:

  • Taste her lips slowly.
  • Kiss both of lips deeply.
  • Kiss the upper and lower lip.
  • Stamp her lips with your lips.
  • Lock her lips with your lips.
  • Strongly taste her lips.
      How to Kiss a Girl



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