0 How to French Kiss - What is French Kiss

How to French Kiss - What is French Kiss
Keywords How to French Kiss - What is French Kiss, How to Tongue Kiss, How to kiss a Girl / Boy.

Kissing is a different experience in evryone life. Most people like French Kiss / Tongue Kiss. Here, we explain with pictures for How to French Kiss / Tongue Kiss.
How to French Kiss

There are several steps in French Kiss / Tongue Kiss, they are,

1. Wet Your Lips:

Wet your lips to easy and smooth kissing. Wet your lips with your tongue and do not it frequently.
How to French Kiss

2. Take Her in Your Hand :

Take her in your hand. See in her eyes and get prepared her to move on kissing. It would be interest to both of you.
How to French Kiss 

3. Select Angle:

In generally in kissing, the angle of your head is most important. The boys and girls select right side angle to the head. Any way it would be convenient both of you and not touch your nose.
How to French Kiss

4. Taste Her/His Lips:

These is the 1st touch in your kissing. Taste her/his lips as you like. Get both of you in deep mood.
How to French Kiss


5. Start Kissing Slowly:

Start kissing slowly. These is the French Kiss, so taste both of you lips slowly. By in these way you get interest kissing and continue...
How to French Kiss

6. Go for French Kiss:

The main mean of french kiss is kissing the tongue/tongue kissing. After starting kissing slowly, explore your tongue and game with these. Kiss the tongue as following figures...



The taste spotes are shown in figure. As these taste her/his lips.

7. Talk About It & Enjoy Once Again:

After completed of your kissing, both of you talk about it as joyfully. If you are interested taste it once again. When your talking about these you can feel her/his love on you.
How to French Kiss 


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