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keyHow to Propose to a Man

Generally boys propose to girls, but also girls propose to boys. When girl proposing to a man, they feel like tension because of these is quite different.
Here i mentioning some ways to girls to propose her boyfriends which men would like it.

1. You Tube Proposing: 

You select a suitable love proposal video and send it's url to his mail said that that '' i want to tell you something, that is in these video you watch it.'' He will watch the video and respond about your love.  How to propose to a man

2. Gift Proposing: 

You send to him a gift about yours love along with a letter of your proposal. If he also loves you, he will accepted the gift.                 How to propose to a man

3. Signaling - Proposing:

You always signaling to him about your love and invite him to watch the movie or to restaurant and say about your love by signaling method. He will understand your feeling and respond.                   How to propose to a man

4. Message Proposing:

Send a proposal message to him in short words - '' i like you / i love you ''. After these you will get a replay from him either he is accepted or not.                                                                         How to propose to a man

5. Direct Proposing:

Direct propose to your boyfriend with a letter or directly say '' I LOVE YOU ''. These is because of boys like girls directly saying to him. These is general method.                                                          How to propose to a man

6. E-Mail Proposing:

Send a proposal email to his email id. Said to him that i had send you one important mail, once check it. Then he studied it, will send reply.                                                                                               How to propose to a man


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