0 How to Propose to a Girl

How to Propose to a Girl
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Generally boys thinking about how to propose a girl, mainly indians searching in internet about ways of love proposals to girl. Anything there are different ways to propose a girl. The most interesting ways are . . . .  

1. Ring / Diamond Proposal:

You send a ring/diamond with love symbol to her with your proposal letter saying about your love as "My dear Angel, I Love You" or anything what you are wishing to tell her.

2. The YouTube Proposal:

Propose to her on video and post it on YouTube. Then send her a very serious sounding mail with the link, and it make it look as though it contains some work related information. You can imagine her reaction when she opens it! Here it’s important to be creative with the message on the video.

3. The Alarm Proposal:

Set alarm in her in her mobile phone/alarm at night sleeping time with your proposal message "Hi Darling, I LOVE YOU". It would be interest to her and you should set the alarm at 10 pm or near by time. Don't set at mid night.

4. Letter in Bag Proposal:

Put your proposal letter in her bag with a chocolate with these message ' Janu, I LOVE YOU ' if you accept it take these chocolate.

5. They Key Proposal:

Send a key to her home/dormitory by courier. Don’t give any explanation. After a few days send her a note saying, “Did you receive a key?” Then again after a few days send the final note saying, “The key you received is the key to my heart. I give it to you.-XXX.”

6. Text Message Proposal:

Send a supporting messages to her when she happy/sad movements. It creates a interest to her & thinking who is these. A final day you send message as '' i'll be always with you in life long & i love you (u r name)''

7. The “Meal in a Box” Proposal:

Take the man in the college/office canteen into confidence. The next time she orders something at the canteen she’ll receive a piece of paper on her plate saying “Today you have just XXX’s (replace with your name!) love for a meal.”


8. The Maze Proposal:

Get a friend to tell her that Prof. XYZ (if you’re a student)/her boss (if you’re working) is calling her. Make sure you do this during lunch hours, i.e. at a time when the professor/her boss is not in his/her office. Now stick an arrow on the wall just beside the closed door of the office of this person, so that she notices it when she comes to meet him/her. (Don’t stick it on the door under any circumstances!) We humans are curious at the core of our selves, so chances are she’ll follow the sign. Put another arrow on the wall and another one. You can put as many arrows as you like. But, again…remember…Well, you know. :D Lead her to some empty room or any place which is likely to be empty of people. Put a cardboard sign there saying, “You’ve reached XXX’s heart.” You can get creative with the message here.

9. The Picture-Perfect Proposal:

Get hold of a photo of hers (from Facebook maybe). Combine it with a photo of yours using Photoshop (or get a friend to do it) to show the two of you together. Send it to her by snail-mail with something romatic written on it. Put the name of the sender as “GOD”. Obviously the meaning is that God wants you to be together.


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